As a professional photographer, I often hear the same question: “What should we wear?” It seems to weigh people down, stress them out, and freeze them in their tracks. And I get that. I too have a hard time dressing my kids for family photos, but the pictures I love the most are definitely not about the clothes. Let me help you plan for a comfortable, carefree photo session.

They are all wearing very simple clothes straight out of their closets! And I love it because it really looks like them!

Should we all wear the same thing?

NO! Please don’t! Outfits should coordinate but everyone should not wear the same thing.

Should we wear all white? All Solids?

NO! color, patterns, and texture make photos pop both in color and in black and white. I tend to favor muted and natural colors over super bright colors, again keeping the focus on the face and not on the clothes. { The days of khaki and white are over, dead and gone! }

Should we dress fancy?

Heck no! Dress like you normally would but cleaner and more well put together!

Can we wear bathing suits on the beach?

Of course! Chances are you will get wet and sandy whether you have on a suit or not, so be prepared!!

Can my daughter wear a giant bow?

Hmmm, lets discuss bows! Some people would say I am anti bow, perhaps even a bow hater and that is just not true! For photo purposes, less is more. Here are some DOs for how to get hair out of the face without letting the hair clip take over the image.

I often tell clients this: Imagine you are out of college and have moved away from all your old friends. Your best friend from college is hosting a 10 year reunion party. it is an OUTDOOR bbq at the PARK in the spring. No one has ever met your husband or your kids, you want them to look cute but know they will be running and playing for hours. How would you dress them?

A few style tips:

1. Wear Color.
2. Wear something comfortable.
3. Make sure you can sit comfortably on the ground!

Baby Girls :: I tend to like one piece rompers. Here are my reasons….1. They cover the diaper 2. They do not ride up 3. I like fat baby legs

Baby Boys :: I like baby boys in little shorts or jeans with a simple shirt or no shirt.

Big Girls :: If wearing a dress- Always choose a flowy dress over a straight dress so she can run, jump and sit comfortably on the ground.  WEAR BLOOMERS! Be sure dresses and shorts are not too short. Be sure spaghetti straps are not going to keep sliding off, and be sure your girl likes what she is wearing.

Big Boys :: Try to stay away from cargo shorts with messy pockets. Graphic t-shirts are fun as long as it is not a store or team logo.

Mom :: Wear something you think you look cute in. Wear something comfortable. Wear something you would buy even if it was not for a photo shoot.  Wear the same amount of makeup you normally would. Wear your hair the same way you always do. If you are weird about your arms like me than please wear sleeves! I think the moral of the story is Be yourself. Be normal! 🙂

Dad :: Same as mom and boys! Dads should not be made to wear anything they do not want to wear. They need to be able to run, jump and throw.

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