It’s almost Mother’s Day, so we think you should get in some photos!!

We get pretty excited about moms around!! If you are anything like me, then you shy away from being in front of the camera. Trust me I get it, it’s even why I became a photographer. When I got to Syracuse, my intention was to be a broadcast journalism major. The very first class changed my mind! It was an introduction to photography class and we had to do still photography and video work. My partner was adorable (even at 8am in the 90’s). She showed up for class dressed and ready to be in front of the camera, me not so much. I quickly realized that I was much more comfortable behind the camera, so I quickly changed my major. Twenty years later, here we are! I still prefer to be behind the camera, but I have also learned the value of taking time to be in photos, especially with my kids. No one ever looks back on their family photos and says, I wish my mom wasn’t in so many photos! Do it for you, and do it for them so someday they can show their kids how awesome you were back in the day!!


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