I recently decided that instead of having two totally neglected blogs, I should try to have one mildly maintained blog.

A little Marla and Shane at work and a little Marla and Shane at home.

We are, afterall, Marla and Shane in both places!

So, Left on Amelia will remain a family and food blog, but now it will also have a little more photography action!


This past weekend I took a road trip with Brittany to Altanta.

We went to shop, eat, visit with friends, and of course load up on groceries.

The highlight of our weekend was meeting sweet Cassia for the first time!

Like Sonny, Cassia is a much loved, third born “bonus” baby!

When I was pregnant with Sonny, my friend Erin was my confidant and counselor. She was a few months ahead of me and she gave me honest accounts of how things were going with the new baby and the “big” kids. She didn’t try to sugarcoat over the tough stuff, but she also assured me that it was going to be wonderful. Going back to having a baby is hard and kinda scary at first, but Erin expressed my exact feelings this weekend when she looked over at Cassia, just sitting there being cute, and said to her, “I’m so glad you’re here.”

Yes, so glad.

You are loved sweet baby!

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