Today was a tad less exciting in the Carter food world!



Avery: Half of an Almond Flour Biscuit with Raspberry Fruit Spread

Van: About 7/8 of an apple with peanut butter

Me: The left over 1/8 of the apple with a dollop of home-made almond butter

Shane: It’s a mystery to me!



Kids at camp ( I promise to discuss another time)

Shane: Mixed greens with dijon vinegar dressing and left over meatballs on top.

Me: Mixed greens with dijon vinegar dressing, heirloom tomato, and  left over chicken salad on top.



(which happened at about 4:00 since Shane and I both had sessions tonight)

Me: Leftovers! Chicken leg and Roasted Eggplant

Shane: Almond Flour Biscuits. Then chicken after his session.

Kids: Organic Turkey Burgers and fruit


Clearly, I am a big fan of leftovers!

Having stuff already prepared in the fridge cuts down on cheating when

“there is nothing to eat, and I don’t feel like cooking”


Groceries Added Today:

Raspberry Fruit Spread: $3.01

Peanut Butter: $5.60

Almond Butter (made with 2 cups of almonds, a food processor and lots of patience): $ 5.00 (total guess on this one!)

Apple:  $0.50

Tomato: (Mine was free)

Turkey Burgers: (I have no idea-will look later)


I’m not doing a great job at adding up the grocery bill, but it should give you a rough idea of what you can expect to spend a week, eating only real organic food, made at home.


And because a post without a photo is just plain boring,

here is a cute shot from our father’s day photo shoot!






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